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The physical contractions and fluid release during male orgasm can be multiplied and intensified by a product called EnROPA extract. The EnROPA PROCESS will better orgasmic experiences in men. The best part, from a woman’s perspective, is that the continuous motion a man can achieve with EnROPA Extract.  It will stimulate our own orgasms and bring a whole new meaning to the term simultaneous climax.

The EnROPA™ PROCESS was developed by Larkin-Piece Labs. The enhanced contractions and heightened orgasmic release are often referred to as "ropes" because of the rope-like effect of release during climax. In other words, as some people have said, “it just keeps coming and coming.”

How Does EnROPA Work ?
EnROPA will initiate the EnROPA™ PROCESS while as Cialegen will deliver a harder, thicker, longer penis.  It's simply the best sexual experience you can achieve without the side efects of Viagra, Levitra,  or Cialis.

How long does it take to show results?
Like most ingestible supplements, a build-up time called resevoiring must follow digestion and is required before results can occur. You should see desired results within 5-7 days of taking EnROPA daily.*

How long must I take EnROPA ?
Continue taking EnROPA as long as you want to experience longer, stronger orgasms, with increased output.  It just keeps getting better and better!

Are there any known side-effects?
There are no known or reported side-effects from using EnROPA . We also know of no interactions with other medications, but before combining with other medications we always advise that you consult your physician.

I've had a vasectomy. Will EnROPA still work for me?
Yes. The vasectomy procedure does not affect the benefits of EnROPA at all.

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