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Because of the over-whelming success of the Cialagen 500 Male Enhancement Program with Enropa Process TM,  Larkin Pierce Laboratories has IMPROVED the original blend by increasing the dose by over 400 mg to insure your are taking the original formulation and not getting ripped off by Internet Counterfeits. New and Improved Cialagen 900 will give you the same thicker harder erection while increasing your penis size but now in almost half the time of Cialagen 500.

Larkin Pierce Labs is asking customers to weary of imitations.  The new Cialagen 900 with Enropa Process TM has undergone strict scrutiny for safety and FDA compliance post selling over a million bottles to satisfied customers in 2003. Cialagen 900 will safely increase your penis size as well as increase firmness and rigidity with out the help of medications or pharmaceuticals (sildenafil citrate).  Since coming off patent (sildenafil citrate), the active ingredient in Viagra has been popping up in Male Enhancement Products unknown to the public.  Larkin Pierce Labs was questioned regarding these practices and has not or will ever participate in deceiving our customers.

Please look closely at the LABEL of the product.  If your label doesn’t say Cialagen 900 or carry the Larkin Pierce Labs L&P logo you’re getting ripped off!  Please feel to contact us via or website to report and trademark or copyright infringements.

Thank you for appreciation and support!


Larkin Pierce Labs

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